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7 Amazing Things About Bugs You Probably Don't Know

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7 Amazing Things About Bugs You Probably Don't Know June 27, 2017

Despite living alongside all kinds of insects, they still find ways to surprise us. Insects have some amazing capabilities, which explains their persistence and makes it difficult to rid your home of them. Here are several interesting facts about the bugs that get underfoot.

1. Insects don't breathe

Well, they don't breathe the way mammals do. Insects have spiracles, or tiny holes in their abdomens, that do the breathing. Their mouths are not involved in the process at all, which makes it easier to understand how cockroaches can survive without their heads. Those air holes are directly connected to the insect's cells in a complex arrangement of tracheal tubes, unlike our lungs.

2. House flies taste with their feet

If you ever wonder why flies seem obsessed with landing on things, they're just giving it a quick taste. They have small hairs along their feet and a few by their mouths, which are equipped with the equivalent of our taste buds. Their taste buds are far more sensitive to sugar than a human tongue, which is why flies get very excited by fruits and other natural sugars.

3. Only female mosquitoes bite

Male mosquitoes eat things like nectar and decomposing plant material. Females are the ones with the right tools to drink blood, which includes sensitivity to the carbon dioxide creatures exhale. Blood is a vital component to creating mosquito eggs, so females need lots of it.

4. Termites build colonies incredibly fast

A termite queen at the height of production can lay approximately 7,000 eggs in a single day. If fact, an African termite queen was once recording laying an egg every two seconds, or around 43,000 per day without any breaks! That's why it's so important to get a termite inspection as soon as possible, if you suspect termite activity.

5. Fleas excel at living in hair

Fleas are equipped with sclerites, which are hard plates like pieces of armor, and a layer of hair that points away from their bodies. Together, these structures allow a flea to effortlessly dodge and weave through dog and cat hair and carpet fibers.

6. Cockroaches like rubbing against things

Cockroaches are one of the few creatures described as thigmotropic, which means they really like to be touched on as many sides as possible. Climbing tendrils that wrap around a post are also described as thigmotropic. That's why cockroaches tend to hug walls, cracks and corners whenever possible.

7. Bugs hear in many different ways

Bugs do have "ears," but they are located in many different places and work in a variety of ways. Some flies have small neck-ears. Certain moths can hear sonic vibrations with their mouths. Crickets have very thin membranes in their legs that detect the same kind of vibrations.

It takes all sorts! But the good news is that Inspect-All is here to help you manage the bugs you don't want around.

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